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Whitsunday Coast Eco Green

As the world becomes more aware of the impact that human activity has on the environment, more and more businesses are taking steps to reduce their impact and become eco-friendly. The eco green movement is quickly gaining momentum, and the Whitsunday Coast region of Queensland, Australia, is no exception. In this article, we’ll look at some of the businesses in the area that are contributing to eco green efforts.

1. Coral Coast Catering
Coral Coast Catering is a local catering company that is committed to reducing its environmental impact. They source their ingredients locally, use reusable containers, and ensure that all waste is disposed of properly. They also encourage their clients to make more eco-friendly choices, such as using biodegradable cutlery and plates. Additionally, Coral Coast Catering uses solar and wind energy to power their operations.

2. Cruise Whitsundays
Cruise Whitsundays is a popular tour company that operates several eco-friendly tours in the area. One of their most popular tours is the Great Barrier Reef tour, which focuses on educating guests about the importance of protecting the reef. They also use low-emission boats and have implemented several measures to reduce their carbon footprint.

3. Lure Restaurant
Lure Restaurant is a waterfront dining establishment that has taken steps to become more eco-friendly. They only use locally sourced ingredients, recycle their waste, and use energy-efficient appliances. Additionally, Lure Restaurant is committed to reducing their plastic usage and encourages guests to bring their own reusable bags.

4. Reefsleep
Reefsleep is a unique accommodation option that allows guests to sleep on a pontoon in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. They have implemented several measures to reduce their impact on the environment, including the use of solar energy and composting toilets. They also have a strict no-plastics policy and provide guests with refillable water bottles.

5. Airlie Beach Hotel
The Airlie Beach Hotel is one of the few eco-friendly hotels in the area. They have implemented several measures to reduce their environmental impact, including the use of solar panels, energy-efficient lighting, and a recycling program. Additionally, they offer guests the option to reuse their towels and linens.

6. Rainbow Beach Resort
Rainbow Beach Resort is an eco-friendly resort that is committed to sustainability. They use solar power, wind turbines, and a water recycling system to reduce their reliance on non-renewable resources. They also have a vegetable garden that provides fresh produce for their restaurant.

7. Urban Espresso Lounge
Urban Espresso Lounge is a trendy cafe that has taken several steps to become more eco-friendly. They only use biodegradable takeaway cups and have implemented a recycling program for their waste. Additionally, they use energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and their coffee is sourced from local growers.

These businesses are just a few examples of the many eco green businesses in the Whitsunday Coast region of Queensland, Australia. By making more sustainable choices, they are helping to protect the environment for future generations. If you’re interested in supporting eco-friendly businesses, consider visiting one of these establishments on your next trip to the area.

Contact details:
Coral Coast Catering: Phone: 0402 443 890, Email: info@coralcoastcatering.com.au
Cruise Whitsundays: Phone: 07 4846 7000, Email: info@cruisewhitsundays.com
Lure Restaurant: Phone: (07) 4946 6713, Email: info@lurewhitsundays.com
Reefsleep: Phone: 1800 675 790, Email: info@reefsleep.com.au
Airlie Beach Hotel: Phone: (07) 4964 1800, Email: stay@airliebeachhotel.com.au
Rainbow Beach Resort: Phone: (07) 4758 1191, Email: info@rbt.com.au
Urban Espresso Lounge: Phone: (07) 4948 0199, Email: hello@urbancafe.com.au

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