Media Release - for Immediate Release - 20 April 2022

Former South Australian business executive, Ian Markos, will be the South Australian Liberal Democrats' Lead Candidate for the Senate in next month's federal election, the Liberal Democrats announced today.

The former Master Builders Association SA Chief Executive Officer has enjoyed a diverse career across multiple industries. Apart from being a CEO, Ian also been a labourer, tradie, commercial diver, allied health professional, university lecturer, SafeWork SA's Director of Construction. He has worked in the UK and held a national role for a commercial construction company.

Ian said "This election will be one like no other, particularly given the impact the COVID pandemic has had on our economy and how it has negatively impacted on people's freedoms".

"I feel strongly that our rights are being systematically removed, especially over the last two years - including our rights to free speech, our rights to privacy, and our rights to free enterprise, and to live our lives without ever increasing government overreach. I am deeply concerned about the declining quality of our democracy, under the disguise of the COVID pandemic."

"Australians have lost their democratic representative system of government with unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats making all the critical decisions without any challenge from the parliamentary process and those who are there to represent the people".

"Nobody should be above being challenged especially when people's most basic human rights have been removed" "There should have been accountability via the parliament and that is why we should have a Royal Commission into our COVID response, including politicians, senior public servants and police, Australia wide".

"To be clear, I will never support lockdowns, business closures or unelected bureaucrats and weak politicians making health choices for you". "You know best how to manage your risk and your health".

Ian said his main priorities if elected would be taxation reform, removing over regulation and red tape from small business, cheap and reliable energy and restoring personal freedoms.

"Struggling families and businesses deserve to know the horror show they will confront if reckless government spending and excessive taxation is not curtailed. If elected I will not vote for any tax increases and will be demanding that the taxation burden on families, workers and business is significantly reduced."

:People need to keep more of their own hard earnt money, because they know how to spend their money better than the government" "Australia will build nuclear submarines under a new defence pact, but nuclear power remains illegal in Australia, The AUKUS pact, includes Australia developing a nuclear submarine capability".

"It is inconsistent and ridiculous to state we can have nuclear-powered submarines for Australia's defence, but we can't create our own electricity through nuclear power." " We need a mixture of energy sources in this country and that includes coal and nuclear power and all sources of power should compete equally in a free market".

"It is not smart if Australia continues to rely on an energy sector that depends heavily on energy infrastructure made in China". "We supply other countries with our uranium so they have reliable and cheap power, why can't we use our own natural resource here in Australia."

Ian will be joined by Joshua Smith who will run as number 2 on the Liberal Democrats Senate ticket.

Joshua said "once the government has the power to regulate free speech the concern is that the government uses that power to silence dissent and minorities".

"Growing up in Para Hill and Salisbury we had to worry about the difference between being able to put food on the table or keeping the lights on. Lower energy prices would mean people like my family wouldn't have to resort to payment plans and the power being cut off, if only the energy market was completely deregulated and included a mix of affordable sources."

Media contact:
Ian Markos, Lead Senate Candidate
Liberal Democrats SA
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